Project Description

x1000rpm, Inc. has a true understanding of your needs when it come to vehicles being run by a car connoisseur Mr. Carroll J Quant. This gentleman has more than 22 years of experience in the motor industry most of which has been spent in brokerage solutions for many companies, private clients, and on the luxury vehicle market guiding them in “How to import any type of vehicle or bike”.

He is well known for his sound advice and keen business sense. As an Importer consultant he is specialized in cars, parts and motorbikes and other type of commodities with the specific concept to provide a customized service according to the necessities of the client in this demanding industry.

When it comes to look for a company to help you with the importation of cars, parts and motorbikes x1000rpm is the one.

We provide you the consultation and logistic to handles all your needs if you are planning to import a car or a motorbike. We have the knowledge to make this process easy and smooth for you. Not all cars or bikes that are on the worldwide market can be import it into the U.S. Some they are not even sold by the manufacturers in the United States or cannot be homologate it because there is no approve or petition submitted to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT).