Project Description

1. Our entry level security program which follows mandated State of Florida Security Training pursuant to Chapter 493. Upon completion of this training the aspiring security officer will be able to obtain gainful employment as a basicunarmed security officer with the “Class D Security Officer License. A position which is widely sought out. Our staff of professionals will assist you in job placement.

2. Gain more advanced training by taking advantage of our intermediate training section. This division offers the “Class G License” which enabled the security officer to posse’s statewide firearm credentials while working within Chapter 493 regulations.In addition, our certified classes ranging in topics such as report writing to defensive tactics can enhance an officers marketability and elevate the officer to the position of CPO, ;Certified Protection Officer” with all the privileges and pay increases that this title demands. Remember that all training in this area is a modified version of the current local law enforcement academy curriculum, based on the CMS system.

3. Learn management, and trainer development techniques. We are the leaders in the proven techniques of first line supervision, and middle management training, in addition, to train the trainer seminars. Students will learn the importance and various philosophies of interpersonal skills, human behavior, employee evaluations, and human diversity. Classes in this area, is paramount for success within our culturally diverse communities.

4. Command the skills to survive within the high liability areas, such as firearms,defensive tactics, self defense, C.P.R., first responder, defensive driving K-9, and many other high liability areas by taking advantage of our Advanced Training Section. All classes are taught qualified personnel.

5. Professional consultation section. This division deals with the specific and specialized area of consulting within the security and legal arena. Our focus within this division is to provide, by referral or in house methods the best qualified advise from issues concerning the security surveys, business strategies, and legal consultation by our affiliated firms with proven experience in the topic area.

Project Details

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