Project Description

Feeduciary is a 100% free service that connects you with financial advisors based on your location and advisors’ annual fees.

Our goal at Feeduciary is to connect fee conscious investors with fee conscious human financial advisors. The financial advisor is there to guide you through complex investment markets and to ensure your investments are tailored to meet your financial goals.

The alternative to a human financial advisor is a “robo-advisor.” Robo-advisors are automated services that make investment decisions based on a few, limited factors such as age and income. Unlike robo-advisors, human financial advisors consider numerous factors when making investment decisions on your behalf, such as taxes, location, family size, career prospects, and other unique factors tailored to your financial goals.

After investing with a robo-advisor, investors are unlikely to receive much guidance. A common mistake made my most investors is buying and selling at the wrong time—especially after a sudden decline in the stock market. Selling during market turmoil is tempting for many investors, but with the guidance of a seasoned financial advisor, investors can be counseled against impulsive decisions based on headlines and rumors.

Project Details

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