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    Having a great website can be a powerful tool for your small business, but no matter how great your website is it will do you very little good if no one ever finds it. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a term you may have heard pop up many times before as the key to drastically increasing the amount of traffic your website sees. However, unless you have a degree in computer sciences, you may have no idea how to optimize your website, or if your small business even needs SEO services at all. In this article, we’ll cover some of the advantages that SEO offers for your small business and how you can quickly and easily enlist the help of an SEO professional.

    What is SEO?

    SEO refers to the act of optimizing a website for purposes of being discovered by popular search engines such as Google. This optimization can be achieved by methods such as adding meta descriptions to your website, adding HTML tags, and sprinkling the text on your website with popular, relevant keywords that are commonly searched for on the internet. Along with these tactics, there are a wide number of tools and methods that an SEO professional uses to optimize a website. From adjusting images to changing some of your site’s coding, there are numerous ways an SEO professional can make your website more discoverable.

    What are the Advantages of SEO for my Small Business?

    Research has shown that when people search something on the internet they rarely ever make it past the first couple pages of search results. This means that if your business’s website does not appear on those first couple pages, chances are they will never find you. The purpose of SEO is to make sure your business appears on the first page or as near as possible to it for any relevant search a potential customer might make.

    For example, if you own a bakery in Miami, you would want your business to show up when someone searches “Bakeries in Miami”. SEO is how you make sure that you are one of the first results they see, and it can be a powerful tool to leverage for bringing in new customers who may have otherwise never even heard of you.

    Best of all, good SEO makes almost no visible difference to the appearance and interface of your website. If you already love your website’s appearance, a good SEO consultant can help you to optimize the performance of your existing website, and increase your business’ visibility online.

    How do I Optimize my Website?

    If you feel that SEO services would be a great advantage to your small business, then our qualified SEO professionals would love to help you optimize your website. 123 Web Design is the most trusted provider of Miami SEO services, and we love helping local businesses boost the effectiveness of their websites. If you would like to learn more about how 123WebMobile SEO services can benefit you and your small business, contact us today!

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