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Google Shopping Management Service

The ease of comparison shopping is one of the many advantages of the online marketplace, and with Google Shopping, it’s even easier. One of the draws of Google Shopping for consumers is the ability to search for products by price or by features. By having your products listed, you can have your items available for customers to choose from as they research and buy.

With big-name shopping sites like Amazon often ranking at the top of search results, it can be difficult to increase your online sales through SEO alone. Google Shopping and related Product Listing Ads (PLA) are two of the best ways to get your products into search results.

Of course, to be found, you first need to be listed, and that’s where our PPC management team comes in. Our Google marketing experts have a wealth of experience listing products with Google Shopping and creating PLAs for businesses, helping get unique items like yours found – and bought – successfully.

Google Shopping Management Service

Google Premier Partner

The 123Webmobile team was chosen as a Google Premier Partner. We know how to launch and refine successful campaigns, and our knowledgeable PPC experts can help you with your PLA or Google Shopping Management Service.

Continued success with Google Shopping Management Service Ads requires product feed optimization combined with an in-depth understanding of AdWords and your competitors.

Did You Know?

People searching on the Google Shopping network are statistically more likely to buy than shoppers on other networks. This means that by having your products listed, you can show off your items to customers who are ready to buy – exactly what you want!

Grow Your Business

Google Shopping Management Service is a Pay-Per-Click advertising opportunity that is as profitable for sellers as it is for the shoppers themselves. Not only are consumers able to easily compare product details as they search, but you, the seller, are able to promote your products and their advantages.

Promote your inventory

Shopping ads expand your product impressions and the number of potential customers exponentially!

Google Shopping Management Service

Increase targeted traffic

By driving targeted traffic, Google Shopping ads typically experience a higher clickthrough rate (CTR) than traditional text ads.

Google Shopping Management Service

Reach more leads

With images and product details included right within your ad, consumers are better able to tell if your item fits their need.