image SEOGood images are the significant and essential part of any website because they make the website attractive for visitors. image SEO is all about reducing the site image size without disturbing the quality, so it helps the page to load in a shorter time. This is all SEO work to make your site image on best ranking in google search engines and many others with image SEO.

  1. For image SEO, it is necessary to give each photo a very attractive title and description. If you use the camera default name for all good images, then google search engine will not rank it up because they also play on keywords. Like if you are selling some makeup products, mention their brand name, type, and color in the description.
  2. Always use everyday language in describing your site image product. Because most of the people out there search on google by using plain words.
  3. When people are buying something online, they want to see a product for all angles so uploading just one site image is not attractive and cannot help them to make a purchase. For image SEO, it is essential to capture good images by using multiple angles. For example, if your product is a handbag try to show front and back of the bad even the inside of it. Also, take close-up shots of pockets and zips.
  4. Make your photos smaller, so the web page will take less time in loading because people cannot wait for so long to view the product. You can give an option to view large images in a new tab if the buyer wants. If the site takes enough time to load you will face a huge loss.
  5. Always choose the best image format like JPEG, PNG, and GIF to upload your product images. This makes your picture attractive to the buyers.