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  • Be minimalist

Many small business owners want a large number of visitors to their site with as much media and content as humanly possible, thinking that somehow they will catch the eye. Most designers are delighted to do so since it does not take much skill to fill a page with superfluous content. Those who believe that this is an appropriate way to do so should look at Apple, which shines in the modern industry of the United States. They are a good example of how to work and improve the use of unnecessary space

  • Focus on the basics

Just as it is important to focus on minimalism in general site design, it is also important to start with the basics of the page and focus on them. For example, those working on your new site should focus on creating a simple web page, with only the necessary pages and a contact. Having many pages can complicate usability for both customers and the owner of the business, as the latter may have to wait months to launch their site with many pages and loaded with content.

  • Use color when needed

Minimalist does not have to mean bland. In fact, color can play a crucial role in an effective website and even help the development of the brand. Many business coaches talk about the importance of correct use of color when it comes to logos and web design, this is due to the information that the colors provide. Leslie Harrison of the Color Association says that the first sensory stimulus between the consumer and the brand is color. it is also known that a person can better process words within a page when there is a color, keeping that color in the consciousness even more than words.

Web Design Agency Miami – So how do small business owners apply this principle to their web design? The basics are fairly simple and should start with the background.

  • A white = typical consumer
  • Black = professional business mentality
  • Colors = lifestyles
  • Have a blog

There are few better ways of attracting traffic to a website in these times than by providing useful and informative content to the masses. The best way to deliver this content is through blog posts, offering advice and insights regarding the industry in question. Also having a blog is important for search engine optimization, keyword use and communication with the community. Writing engaging content and some promotion should be enough to drive traffic.

  • The logo is of utmost importance

The design of the site, as well as its appearance and functionality,  are of vital importance. But above all, what our customers will remember is the logo. The owner of a business should not skimp on expenses in creating this logo, and this must take into account every detail until it is perfect. Because an effective logo embodies all of the aforementioned principles, from appropriate use of color for design to a minimalist presentation – Web Design Agency Miami.