What is web hosting

If you want to design or develop a website, the most important thing before it is to understand web hosting. It is your first step and it will make your website more accessible and provide amazing features. Here we have a guide of what is web hosting and how it works for your website and what you can expect from it.

What is web hosting?

 Web hosting in simple meaning is a secure place where you are storing your online content. It includes the coding, images, videos, and all the text which will remain on your site because of the hosting. Therefore, you must have it if you want to make a website. You might be storing some off-site content as well. So, how are you going to maintain your digital footprint without storage?

Web hosting ensures that your content stays durable and with many exciting features for backup and support. Some prefer dedicated web hosting but the most popular one has always been cloud-based third-party providers. There is a wide range online with both free and premium services. It is always wise to get the premium offer with all kinds of backup and support.

How to start?

  • Start with the step of registering a domain. You can purchase your domain from any of the online platforms but it is better to ask your hosting company for that. It could help you in making a long-term professional relation and get discounts or upgrades as well.
  • Now comes the part of nameservers. This is the middle man who leads people to your IP address. So, make sure to decide carefully discuss the pros and cons with your hosting company.
  • Your files are stored because of the web hosting so choose what kind of hosting you would like for your website. There are different options with varied prices so choose based on your needs.

How does web hosting work?

 A lot of people don’t know what is web hosting. provides you with the ultimate storage and maintenance for keeping your online presence. It is a core part of your website functionality that helps to maintain and access online users. If you are not using the hosting, then the costumes will leave because of the time-consuming website you are running.

Types of web hosting:

  • Shared hosting is always a much more affordable choice. It is a server shared with many people/users but there could be some disruption sometimes. Still, it is an affordable option if you have a limited budget.
  • Virtual private servers are the same as shared hosting but the users get private and dedicated resources. But it is quite more expensive than the first option we have.
  • Dedicated hosting is just for you and the websites that are running on your dedicated server. It is expensive but all the risks of security are minimized.
  • Managed hosting is the type in which you get a dedicated server but there is no to manage it. In this expensive and premium hosting, you get a managed file transfer protocol. Networking communities commonly use it.
  • Cloud hosting is a new and much more affordable option in which the users get cloud storage.