You have great products to offer your customers, but as soon as they enter the checkout phase, they suddenly abandon their shopping cart. This can be frustrating for anyone, especially when you know you have quality products to offer. So, what seems to be the issue? Why do they customers their mind at the last minute? Here are a few reasons why people may not be completing their purchases:

What Makes Customers Want to Hit the ‘Buy Now’ Button?

Before we examine why people abandon shopping carts, let’s explore why they buy in the first place. According to a recent report by, there are a few good reasons why. Here are the results:

•26% Purchase because of a coupon code or a coupon.

•31% Purchase because of the quality of the website they are shopping on.

•53% Purchase because of positive reviews.

Why Do Online Shoppers Abandon Shopping Carts?

•7% Checkout process was too complicated.

•12% Locating a coupon code on the product page was difficult.

•24% Found a lower price on a competing website.

•37% Product prices were too high.

How to Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Never hide shipping costs. Often times, eCommerce website owners will hide shipping costs because they fear it will deter shoppers from making purchases. In reality, a shopper is more likely to change his/her mind when shipping costs are totaled at the end of a purchase. Remember, online shoppers despise surprises. Inform them upfront that they have additional charges – then they will be less likely to have second thoughts about making a purchase.

Testimonials, Testimonials, Testimonials Please!

Don’t forget to post REAL testimonials on your eCommerce website. Online shoppers crave testimonials from products, especially if they are positive. During the checkout process, feature some of your best testimonials.

NEVER Force Shoppers to Register Before They ‘Buy’

Have you ever tried to make a purchase only to be forced to register before completing the purchase? This extra unnecessary step is enough to make you want to click out of the website and go shopping elsewhere. The checkout process should be smooth as possible without a glitch. Avoid giving people a reason to second guess their purchase. The key to getting people to continue down the path of making a purchase is to Keep It Simple As Possible.

Last, but certainly not least, make sure your eCommerce website has a responsive design that’s user-friendly. Your customers will not only judge the quality of your products, they will also judge the quality of your website.

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